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Preliminary Sequence

Final Opening Sequence

Monday, May 24, 2010

Post for Moderator

Thanks for taking the time to browse through my blogs, I hope you like them.
on the right is the link to our group blog, as well as links to the blogs for Dominic and Sheera - the other students in my group - and to our teacher’s central blog, BLK foundation blog - which links to all the student and group blogs.

You will see on my individual blog my individual research, ideas and planning -most of which is from the early stages of the project before I got together with my group. there is also work from the preliminary task such as the video clip. here you will also find the answers to the evaluation questions and comments on how the project is developing.
My group blog contains evidence of the development of our project, planning and the research we did together to inspire us for our project.
There is also a link to the finished film opening sequence on both blogs.
I hope its easy to navigate my blogs. The blogs are organised in date order from the begining of the project (November 2009) until in March 2010 - when it was completed. I have used labels to identify my completed work under research, planning and evaluation on my individual blog. This is the same for our group blog the posts are also labelled by name to show who was responsible for which post.
kind regards

Kerry Mcallister 4540

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Closing Post

well this is the end of the road - this blog is officailly closed - goodbye and farwell

Sunday, March 28, 2010

What Equipment we Used


Lessons Learnt


Genre Conventions